Let Us Sell Your Books, Maps, Historical Documents,

Autographs or Manuscripts

Yes, we do accept  items from the general public. This is one of the many ways we use to find items for others and keep our inventory replenished. We accept single items to large collections and all in between.  We accept items from virtually anywhere in the world. Normally we deal only in English language items and in the case of  maps and other Antiquities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Dutch, etc.

If you have items you want to part with, contact us by any of the methods listed on our home page. However, before you contact us you need to know what you have and what condition it is in so that we can discuss the matter knowledgeably.

You will of course need to know the author/cartographer, the title, the most recent date on the Title Page and Copyright Page. This along with an accurate rating of the item’s condition (based on the Definitions of Condition which you can find in the chart below) and we are ready.  Please note: it is very unlikely we would be interested in any item in Fair or worse condition.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.